Using Rundl as an online channel for customer referrals

Published on 16 March, 2014 by Graeme Perkins

In our latest release Rundl added support for third-party applications initiating new business processes, such as a real estate agent CRM system sending requests to a solicitor to generate a contract for a residential property sale. The new feature is now live and the first transactions have been successfully completed.

We were pleased to work this new type of b2b interaction into our standard request mechanism. Requests are an integral part of our vision for giving the right level of control to our users. In practice just a click of a button in a third-party application can lead to a request in Rundl to start a new process.

The request sits in the receiver’s queue ready to be accepted or declined at any time, allowing the receiver to validate the submission before proceeding. A request can include any number of additional fields, which are also searchable from our global search along with the name and description.

With request fields to store XML data or file references, together with Rundl’s event subscription feature, Rundl is today supporting end-to-end integration between b2b partners in the property industry.

It takes just minutes to set up a process model in Rundl and grant permission to a b2b partner to start sending referrals. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about connecting with partners in your industry.