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Get your business processes into the cloud in minutes


Create the blueprint for your business process.


Join your coworkers and form teams. Find your customers, partners and suppliers.


Streamline communication and manage tasks around open processes.


Complete work and share the results.

Process bottlenecks are outside your four walls. End the confusion and delay.
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Deliver better services

Rundl gets your business processes into the cloud in minutes. Streamline communication, delegate tasks and track work across multiple companies with ease.

  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve customer service
  • Outsource with confidence
  • Manage distributed teams, including teleworkers or freelancers

Eliminate bottlenecks outside your four walls

Property transactions are complex and involve many professionals, like solicitors, conveyancers, real estate agents and lenders. Rundl helps you work closely with other property professionals so you can get your work done fast with less hassle.

  • Speed up approvals
  • Increase loyalty with transparent process and streamlined communication
  • Eliminate printing and other costs in the paper trail
  • Avoid interruption due to email and phone requests

Open up business processes to external parties from within your applications

Rundl is an ideal platform for exposing process-oriented transactions (like jobs, cases, applications or matters) in the cloud.

IT departments can leverage existing technology by integrating applications with Rundl. Software providers can extend their applications or build new ones around open business processes.

  • Complete standards-compliant Web API
  • Built on scalable public cloud infrastructure
  • Powerful authorisation model and standards-compliant authentication method

The Rundl concept (collaboration around a process) is at the heart of our conveyancing business. Over the past four years we’ve been able to process over 4,500 conveyancing matters with fewer staff and faster turnaround than a traditional law firm.

Ian Perkins, CEO, Lawlab Pty Limited, Australia