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Schedule a face-to-face ID check for your client

Legislation introduced for e-conveyancing requires face to face ID checks to be completed as part of the property finance and transfer process. Client VOI will be a national requirement for both standard and PEXA online settlements. Access to this streamlined and convenient service is designed to make client identification easier for industry professionals such as finance brokers, lenders, conveyancers and lawyers.

Source pre-completed sales contracts ready for the property to be sold

Designed for property developers, corporates, agents, conveyancers and lawyers seeking fast and easy access to legal solutions. Whether you need a listing contract in NSW that includes the prescribed vendor disclosure documents, a Vendor statement and/or a sale contract in Victoria or the standard sale contract and title search (and strata disclosure statement) in Qld and the NT this efficient outsourced service is for you.

Provide a contract summary or premium contract review to your client

Are you a real estate agent or finance broker seeking to add value and improve your client’s purchase experience? The contract summary provides critical property transaction information in a brief, easy to read and understand format. The premium contract review is designed to give additional peace of mind to clients requiring complete assurance before they commit to a property purchase.

Sale conveyancing

Designed for real estate agents seeking an easy seller conveyancing solution that provides quality legal services to the seller and keeps you in the loop right through to settlement.

Purchase conveyancing

Designed for real estate agents and finance brokers seeking an easy purchase conveyancing solution that provides quality legal services to the buyer and keeps you in the loop right through to settlement.

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