Rundl is the business network for industries to connect, collaborate and transact.

We strive to help people work together effectively and get things done fast by bridging the gaps between traditional processes and software.

Our vision

A world in which people connect through services in an open business network and processes are secure, transparent and collaborative.

Our mission

Rundl frees business processes from information silos, empowering people to connect through an open network of services and apps for the benefit of everyone involved.

Our history

Rundl was founded by Graeme Perkins, Ian Perkins and Richard Bootle, a team with a track record in harnessing technology to create new ways of delivering property services.

The idea for Rundl was seeded in the delivery of one of Australia’s largest ever programs of conveyancing. Witnessing first-hand the problems faced by service providers, their partners and customers in orchestrating a fragmented process at scale, we created a new method of collaboration in complex multi-party business processes.

In 2011 we lodged a patent application titled "A Collaboration Computer System".

After that the founding members of Rundl's product development team came together to undertake the R&D required to deliver on the vision. A successful prototype was delivered.

In January 2015 Rundl implemented a new marketing strategy that firmly positions Rundl as a property/real estate offering.

Locally designed and built

Rundl operates from our head office in Prahran, Melbourne. The Rundl platform is built and operated by a dedicated in-house product development team.

The team has worked together over many years, with core competencies in product design, software development and IT operations. User experience is at the centre of each feature we build.

We operate the Rundl platform from AWS’s Sydney data centre. The platform has reached a high level of stability and offer excellent support to customers and integration partners.

We believe our vision will give our customers the edge in today's world. We have built a modern, many-to-many business network around standard web technologies, open APIs, and a scalable cloud-based architecture. Years of R&D underpins our patented software.

We are always looking for talented people to join Rundl

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