Add a collaboration layer to your transaction software

Use our APIs to easily add process collaboration to your apps and support your customer journeys


Our API-first approach means you get modern easy-to-use APIs that help you easily add a collaboration layer to your business transaction software. There's an endpoint for all aspects of the Rundl collaboration model, like Participant, Message, Step, Service, Order, Request, Group and User APIs.

Event subscriptions

Rundl Event Subscriptions is a service that enables your application to be called when an event of interest occurs on the Rundl platform. You can leverage a range events occurring during collaboration on Rundl to automate actions in your existing systems.

Embedded apps

Embed your custom HTML5 web app or form in an iframe container on Rundl's web or mobile apps for presentation layer integration. Rundl will sign the request to load your app so you can verify its authenticity. The request also includes information that allows you to establish a session for a user when further interactions with the Rundl REST API is required