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Today, your clients expect to see their real estate transactions online. And like in other service industries, the professionals who deliver the best digital client experience become hugely successful. But a real estate transaction is a maze of people, documents, deadlines and important information. Too many deals get delayed due to lack of communications, missed messages and lost information. Clients end up frustrated and you risk losing deals and future referrals.

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There had to be a better way! So, we created Rundl. Rundl is a social media-like tool ready built for real estate professionals to deliver a 5-star digital experience to their clients. Bring clients and professionals together in one secure online space to communicate, share information transparently and work together to get the job done. Save time and remove stress for everyone involved.

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Rundl has hosted 40,000 transactions, supported 18,000 participants and gained 100s of 5-star client reviews. If you're a finance broker, real estate agent, property developer, lawyer, or involved in the sales or leasing of residential and commercial real estate, then Rundl will transform your service into a 5-star rated online digital experience.

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40,000 transactions. 18,000 participants. $13billion of property transacted.

Rundl is a cloud based platform best known for enabling real estate organisations to deliver their sales, leasing and finance services online. The agility of Rundl enables organisations to immediately deliver value to their clients and business partners utilizing a platform designed for continuous technology innovation. The technical design of Rundl allows any business transaction involving people, process and collaboration to be delivered without the high costs and time associated with software development.