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The CeBIT awards recognise excellence, innovation and achievement in the information and communications technology industry and Rundl was a finalist for the Service Distinction and highly coveted Innovation awards. Learn More

How Rundl works

Rundl enables you to easily monitor and manage professional services on your mobile device.

What is Rundl

Connect, collaborate and transact securely with verified companies, service providers and customers in the Rundl ecosystem. Rundl brings the digital sophistication and online community experience we expect in our online social life to the delivery and consumption of professional services.

Rundl is with you every step of the way

  • Rundl delivers any service to your mobile device.

  • Rundl brings your service providers into one secure digital space so they collaborate with each other, to deliver you the best service every time.

  • Enjoy clear step-by-step visibility to the progress of your transaction with Rundl.

  • Rundl provides the digital tools to complete transactions without face to face meetings and unnecessary phone calls.

Deliver services on the Rundl network

Rundl enables traditional service providers to deliver their service in a secure digital space that follows customers on their preferred digital device.

The future of service delivery with Rundl, create a new kind of application

Rundl gives you the tools to evolve your service offering in the digital world. Rundl organises processes across people and companies by blending built-in collaboration features for human workflow with robust integration capabilities for automation.


Building a custom collaboration layer into your transaction software is hard. Adding the Rundl platform to your development toolkit will get you there faster. Rundl offers a powerful API so you can weave our innovation into your creation.

The future of business transactions

  • Rundl property connects buyers and sellers with the multiple parties involved in a property transaction in one secure digital space. Finance brokers, real estate agents, conveyancers, lawyers, lenders and insurers along with any other service provider such as removalists, valuers, surveyors and inspectors are all able to work together in a shared project-managed view of the transfer. Rundl also incorporates digital signatures and verification of identity to allow a genuinely paperless process into the future. Watch our video

  • Rundl brings together all the associated professionals in a patient’s medical journey into a secure space to share relevant patient information and bring in test results and reports while giving the patient a project management view of the process so they are not left wondering what is happening next.

  • Work anywhere with anyone. Imagine your tailored service being delivered to customers’ and partners’ mobile devices from within a secure online transaction community. Combining the ease of a familiar social media experience, project management, a one stop and configurable transaction communication hub and a toolbox of digital tools Rundl evolves your business into the digital world.

  • Rundl is used to deliver a wide range of projects across multiple industries. Rundl allows a project team to give all parties a curated view of the process and makes them interact and provide visibility to other subcontractors, delivery partners and the client themselves.

  • Rundl is the future of government service delivery. Every service from a parking permit to a multi stakeholder planning application can be project managed with each party or team having their own curated view. The service is delivered direct to a client’s preferred mobile device, removing the need for multiple client meetings and travel - with digital signatures and verification of identity every service can now be paperless.

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