Cloud based platform revolutionises property transactions - an industry first for Australia

Updated 09 February 2015

Melbourne based technology company, Rundl, today announced an Australian industry first with the
open release of its business collaboration network. The cloud based platform has been designed to
revolutionise the property sale and finance process by connecting people and software across
company boundaries.

"The key feature of Rundl is our collaborative workflow. This speeds up communications and
document sharing between consumers, finance brokers, lenders, agents and conveyancers/lawyers
during the sale or purchase of a property. Industry professionals know you can spend hours
answering the same questions and chasing updates by phone which just isn’t a productive use of
time," said Graeme Perkins, Director of Rundl

Mr Perkins confirmed that Rundl has been used exclusively by one boutique law firm specialising in
property transactions. He added that it was exciting after 3 years of R&D and intensive testing across
8,000 plus property transactions that Rundl was now released as an open platform.

Professional advisers using Rundl such as lawyers, agents and finance brokers benefit from providing
an improved consumer experience. Clients are included in the property transaction and updated in
real time, with access to messages and documents throughout the process leading to settlement.

In addition to hosting transactions, Rundl will seamlessly include solutions from third party
providers’ of services and solutions required during a property transaction.

Phil Mitchell Sales Director of Rundl explained, “Our goal was to create one online network to
connect people with the expertise, information and tools they need - so all elements of the
transaction process can be completed easily. For example a lawyer, conveyancer or agent can now
source and track the preparation of a sale contract or vendor disclosure package online in real time."

In addition to its existing legal client base, Rundl has recently completed integrations with key Real
Estate CRM providers and conveyancing matter management systems.

By the end of March 2015 Rundl plans to announce the next round of innovation to the
platform with the integrations of lenders, aggregators and mortgage

Rundl continues to grow and is looking for savvy IT and knowledgeable property gurus. For
recruitment opportunities please visit

Phil Mitchell

Sales Director

9 February 2015

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