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Evolve your business into the digital world. Deliver tailored services to customers and partners on their mobile devices with a familiar social media experience. Create a community for every transaction in a configurable workspace, offering project management, a communication hub and a toolbox of digital tools.

What's Rundl?

Connect, collaborate and transact securely with verified companies, service providers and customers in the Rundl ecosystem. Rundl brings the digital sophistication and online community experience we expect in our online social life to the delivery and consumption of professional services.

Rundl is with you every step of the way

  • Rundl delivers any service to your mobile device.

  • Rundl brings your service providers into one secure digital space so they collaborate with each other, to deliver you the best service every time.

  • Enjoy clear step-by-step visibility to the progress of your transaction with Rundl.

  • Rundl provides the digital tools to complete transactions without face to face meetings and unnecessary phone calls.

How Rundl works

Rundl enables you to easily monitor and manage professional services on your mobile device.

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